Galt.io is the brainchild of Jason Lewis and people who believe that private property, the rule of law, and voluntary association are the cornerstones of individual rights and human liberty. In homage to John Galt - the protagonist of Ayn Rand’s novel Altas Shrugged - we proudly named our online community Galt.io.

Galt.io is a new approach to social networks. The community will be focused on local activism through location-based search, GPS and social technology. This will be the modern definition of “Think Global, Act Local.” Galt.io will be a member-only community that allows localized, targeted, cause-based activism. Members will need to use Galtcoins - a virtual currency - to participate.

A crowdsourcing campaign to fund the development of the Galt.io community was launched November 26, 2013. In less than 27 hours, our initial goal of $250,000 was met making Galt.io one of the most successful crowdsourcing launch events to date. Fundraising via crowdsourcing continues and development on the community has begun.

To contact Galt.io:

Email: john(at)galt.io

Snail mail: 

9637 Anderson Lakes Parkway, Suite 180
Eden Prairie, MN  55344


About Jason Lewis

Jason Lewis - America’s Mr Right - is a nationally syndicated talk show host, frequent newspaper editorial contributor and author of "Power Divided is Power Checked: The Argument for States' Rights" from Bascom Hill Publishing.

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