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What is is a members-only network of makers inspired by “Galt’s Gulch” from Ayn Rand’s classic novel “Atlas Shrugged”. Members are part of a virtual economy that uses Galtcoins to invest in causes. Unlike social networks that gather around frivolous interactions between members, members collaborate around serious issues concerning our country, politics and government. Members who contribute to the community earn Galtcoins through dividends, voting and updates. launched on May 15, 2014 and has already become the most engaging network anywhere on the internet. Our members are more active and dig deeper than any other network in the world, period. The economy has already grown to over 1.1 billion Galtcoins and 6.4 million shares owned. What was originally intended as a small but powerful community has already grown to over 4 thousand Members and continues to see accelerated growth every day. This has happened despite the membership requirement of having to be invited by an existing member. Even with the growth we’ve seen, we have been unable to accommodate the growing demand of people who want to become members and can’t find an invite.

While we still consider to be in BETA, we are taking steps to help the community grow by accepting new members without losing sight of our commitment to quality over quantity when it comes to our members. started out as a Crowdfunding effort with the goal of raising $250K to begin development of the vision. The goal was surpassed the next day and eventually brought in pledges of over $700K and was one of the most successful Crowdfunding campaigns in history. This accomplishment is even more amazing when you consider that it was done independently, without the benefit of an established crowdfunding network. While the levels of engagement we’ve seen have exceeded even our expectations, the crowdfunding success can be attributed to our members/pledgers who, like us, saw the need for something like to exist and put their time and money behind it to make it happen. 

THE MARKET is part stock exchange, part social network and truly a society of people committed to changing the direction of our country. Through buying and selling shares, shareholders become a network within the network. Earnings and dividends allow shareholders of active causes to accumulate coins faster and serve as a mechanism to determine the value (or valuation) of a cause, while allowing the free-market to determine which causes succeed and fail. 

MEMBERS can be completely anonymous. The directory not only shows who’s in the network, but also shows who the most influential members are by showing leaderboards of top members based on different criteria. The rich mix of finding members through other members and their involvement or creation of causes creates a community of doers and makers like no other.


Missions allow members and causes to add action to what they have created. While still in BETA and underdeveloped, it will become a key piece of activating members and allowing causes to have impact outside of the network as well as continuing to build deep engagement.


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