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Welcome to!  If you're here, you're probably already a thinker and producer--a maker, not a taker. You believe that private property, the rule of law, and voluntary association are the cornerstones of individual rights and human liberty. You are also a little fed up with the current crop of politicians who celebrate mediocrity, forced charity, and out of control big government. Our nation's political and economic paralysis has probably made you feel that your views are isolated or at least part of a silent minority that doesn't have much relevance or a voice in today's environment. is set to change that--permanently! We have created this website to invite people of like-minds to help become a part of this exciting plan right from the beginning. We urge you to make a difference by pledging your hard earned dollars so you can be one of the FOUNDING members of a brave new world that will finally change a bankrupt status quo. Please help us bring this to life by using the power of social organizing on the internet to 'starve the beast' of big government and those who support it.

We have already assembled an elite team to create the network, now all we need is you. By becoming a Founding Member you will be given coins you can spend to invite other members into the network, create causes and shape the community. You’ll also be able to earn coins by being an active member.

Join us today! Become a Founding Member. Choose a Pledge.

“ Founding Groups


Overview is a new approach to social networks- to create and support causes for individual liberty and battle against causes which starve the human spirit of the very essence of freedom. The network will be focused on local activism through location-based search and mobile GPS (see map above). This will be the modern definition of “Think Global, Act Local.” has a purpose:

  • is NOT open to the public
    Unless you are a Founding Member you must be invited by an existing member. This system ensures that the people who are part of the community are here to support the mission and the Founding Members determine who else gets invited.

  • is based on merit
    Members will use “coins” to perform activities in the network. For example, if you invite a new member, it will cost you a coin. If that person accepts your invitation and registers, you will get your coin back and one additional coin. The new member will be given a starting balance to begin supporting causes and earn coins for their efforts. Once they have earned enough coins, they will be able to invite other new members, create causes and eventually use their coins for all sorts of functions within the network.

  • is cause-based
    The purpose is not self-promotion, but identifying causes and galvanizing support. This support can be used to force politicians to start realizing that if they don’t change, we will take our votes elsewhere. Causes can also be used to raise money (both USD & Galtcoins) to support the real-world costs of an organization.

  • members are the core of the network
    Members will be able to connect with each other, see profiles to find new causes and connect with people in their local area to support causes.


Causes is about you! Causes can be organized around any issue you feel is important. It will cost a member coins to create a cause, but they will earn coins for each supporter the cause gets. Get enough supporters for your cause and you’ll break even, get even more and you’ll have extra coins that allow you to do even more.

Support is local! Members can create causes on National, State and Local levels, but supporters of National or State causes are tied to members who sponsor them locally. This means that support is segmented by local voting blocks and thus has greater impact on political decisions.


Member Profile


You will have your own profile that will allow you to connect with other members, let other members connect with you and support causes you create. When you invite new members to join, they will automatically be connected to you which allows you to build your own army of supporters for the causes you create.

Your profile will also be used to determine your rank within the entire community. Rankings will be determined by the number of Galtcoins you have based on your pledge(s) and Galtcoins earned supporting other people’s causes and getting other members to support yours.


Galtcoins (Gs)


We believe - The Network will be a very powerful force for change and a lot of fun in the process. We are “Makers not Takers”. We believe that the fruits of our labor, talent or effort is for our gain and it is up to each of us to decide when, where and with whom it is shared. It also means that we aren’t simply satisfied playing for fun, we want to play to win. In order to win, there needs to be a way to keep score. Galtcoins are a virtual currency which allows the community to be more than just a game, rather it becomes a measure of value contribution, influence, power and status. We, the members of, will create a virtual economy that rewards members who contribute the most to the community through their actions and talent. The best part is that we all get to do this together and the more Galtcoins any one of us has, the more power we have to shape the community. We do this by choosing the people we allow in, the causes we focus on, and the causes we support which in turn creates a new virtual world of Makers not Takers.

We aren’t going to kid anyone, this is no small task and we’ve only just begun with this crowdfunding of Where this goes, what can be done with Galtcoins and where it ends up will be fascinating to watch unfold. What's exciting is that once members start joining, the network will have the ability to move in directions and evolve into a force that right now can't fully be defined. To keep the lawyers happy, however, WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CHANGE EVERYTHING BEFORE GALT.IO - THE NETWORK GOES LIVE. After that, the ongoing decisions are up to you.

Based on the amount of your pledge, here are some of the activities you will be able to do on the day the network opens - but remember you must be a Founding Member of (by pledging now) to do any of the following:

Inviting New Members to
  • Send Invite(-1G per invite)
  • Invite Accepted (+2Gs)
Support a Cause:
  • Support another Member’s Cause (+1G)
Create a Cause:
  • Local Cause (-100Gs) | (+1G per Supporter)
  • Statewide Cause (-1,000Gs) | (+1G per Supporter)
  • Nationwide Cause (-10,000Gs) | (+1G per Supporter)

The above examples are a small sample of possible activities and transactions. More number-crunching will be necessary before anything is set in stone, but we will provide more information and get your feedback as we approach the launch of - The Network. This structure awards more Galtcoins to the most successful members thereby allowing them to create more causes and invite even more people into the community - while at the same time providing sufficient risk in backing frivolous causes.

Before our model is finalized, no doubt there will be other factors to consider. Consequently, we reserve the right to make policy changes.

"Go Galt" Without Leaving Home

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